From the Blogosphere of Work: An Architect’s Dress Code

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Some professions have a stereotypical “look” that cries out for satirization. It’s usually best when it comes from one of the profession’s ranks who have that ability to zero in on the heart of a pretentious attitude.

This example comes from the Coffee With An Architect blog written by Jody Brown, who bills himself as “just Architect, standing in front of an ideology, asking it to love him.”

“Employees contribute to the culture and reputation of the SVEHN JØSSANG ATELJE in the way they present themselves. An Architectural appearance is essential to a favorable impression with clients, and company shareholders (ie. Svehn). Good grooming and appropriate dress should reflect an employee’s confidence in his/her aesthetic convictions and inspire others to realize that they are dressed unimaginatively. An Architect’s attire should be minimal yet condescending at the same time.

Managers may exercise good discretion to determine appropriateness in appearance. Architects who do not meet a professional standard may be mocked and sent home to change. Some basic essentials of appropriate dress include the wearing of black and the need for clothing to be neat, clean, and expensive. Note: at no time will an employee be permitted to remove his or her “air of superiority”.

Management may make exceptions for special occasions (ie. An employee is exceptionally attractive, or has especially “fit” ankles). An employee unsure of what is appropriate should check with Svehn. (Please close the door behind you).”

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