Iowa Centralizes Hiring of State Workers After Racial Discrimination During Previous Republican Administrations Revealed

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The Des Moines Registerreports that the state of Iowa is centralizing the hiring of all state workers following nearly 15 years of systematic discrimination again African-

Iowa State Capital

Iowa's State Capital

American workers in hiring, promotions and firings.

Register reporters reviewed public records in 2006 and found the state had paid about $850,000 between 2000 and 2006 to nine people who claimed discrimination at Iowa Workforce Development, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Human Services.

Iowa is facing a trial, which began Sept. 12, 2011, for a class-action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against an estimated 6,000 African-Americans.

The lawsuit, filed in October 2007 by 14 plaintiffs who claim they were either not hired, were fired or were denied promotions in state jobs, alleges that the state “a pattern and practice of racial discrimination and retaliation” to deny African-Americans jobs and promotions. The suit also alleges this pattern had been in place since at least 1995, and were specifically designed to limit the number of African-Americans state workers to the minimum required by affirmative action plans, according to the Register.

African-Americans are 2.9% of the 3 million people living in Iowa, compared with 12.9% of the nation’s total population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Iowa is one of 17 states where African-American comprise 3% or less of the total population, according to


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