Are Apple and Other Technology Companies Being Unpatriotic Sending Work Overseas?

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The answer to this is an unqualified yes. But then shipping as many jobs overseas, even if there is little or no economic advantage, is part of what being wealthy and powerful in America is all about. Those who could create jobs aren’t, sometimes defending themselves with suspect reasoning.

James P. Hoffa

James P. Hoffa

Big corporations and the super wealthy don’t care what country they are based in, as long as there is enough stability security to make sure the unwashed masses don’t come over the security fence with bad intent. America just happens to have some nice real estate, standard of living ans significant portion of the population dumb enough to control with television. Most of the time.

Money now moves around the world. If things get too uncomfortable in this country the rich just pick up and go to somewhere more accommodating. The rich love America only as much as they love their money. They really only owe their allegiance to being part of an overclass and keeping it that way.

From Good Morning Silicon Valley: • Are companies like Apple being unpatriotic for manufacturing their products outside the United States?

That’s what Jim Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said in an interview on CNN over the Labor Day weekend, on the heels of a report that there was no new hiring in August. Hoffa criticized American businesses for “sitting on money.” He singled out Apple, saying “instead of investing here, everything they do is in China or is in Asia somewhere.” Hoffa also said, “I think the president should challenge the patriotism of these American corporations that are sitting on the sidelines saying, why do we have high unemployment but I am not going to hire anybody?”

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