The Great Recession at 30 Months, Half of Work Force Has Taken a Job-Related Hit – Pew Research Center

Chart: The rescession ain't over yet.

The study finds that American workers now have a diminished set of expectations about their retirements and their children's future; and a concern that it will take several years, at a minimum, for their family finances and house values to recover.

Half of Work Force Has Taken a Job-Related Hit, but Some Green Shoots of Optimism

via The Great Recession at 30 Months – Pew Research Center.

So these are the results of the Rich in America keeping the middle class at bay. The Rich have ripped up the social contract and moved their assets offshore and no matter what will still be Rich. Being short-sighted and greedy may have some results the Rich aren’t expecting. Maybe it’s best that they have plans to flee.

Chart: Are you Spring Less, Or The Same?

Less of course. There's a big safety net for Goldman Sachs and none for you, sucker.

Chart: Recedssion Eats Away at Workers

While the middle class and blue collar Americans were tasking it in the shorts, resulting this situation, we basiled out George Bush's pals on Wall St.

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